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AlirezaTabatabaei, born April 1972




I started learning to play the drums at the age of 13 with my Italian instructor Matheo Vandi in Germany. Alongside Matheo in the local boarding school’s big band called"Westcoast Big Band,”I learned my first beats playing instruments such as the tambourine, the guiro, the claves, and the shaker.

After leaving the boarding school, I continued playing the drums in my high school pop/rock band in Hamburg and gathering experience performing in numerous small and local concerts with that band.

Soon after, I attended the world-famous and legendary drummer Billy Cobham’s workshop and master class and became fascinated with that drummer’s extraordinary personality.

After returning to Iran in 1990, I continued playing the drums in various styles working together with numerous friends including Babak Khiafchi, Arash Mitoui, Kamran Mojarrad, Reza Moghaddas, Shahram Sherbaf, Ali Mohraz, Kasra Saboktakin, and Ramin Ghaderpanah, which was a rich experience in its own kind.



I started my first official project in Iran in1998 in the city of Rasht with the band "Thunder”led by Ardavan Anzabipour.Subsequently, I worked officially with the band "Image” (pronounced i:’ma:ʒ), led by Iman Jafari, which had numerous successful performances in pop and jazz styles. After that, I worked together with a number of pop and cover bands including the band "Kaman” with Reza Tajbakhsh and Dara Daraei, the band of Pedram Marandiz and Emad Kahfizadeh with Sara Naeini as lead singer, "Jam Band” with Bobak Akhoondi on the guitar, Kamran Ata’s band with Mahan Mirarab, and a few other bands.



In the year 2000, I joined the pop band "Arian” as its most recent member.The band’s countless and successful performances in and outside Iran provided me with extraordinary experiences. Among those experiences are being awarded a letter of recognition from the United Nations as well as working together with the world-renowned musician and singer Chris De Burgh and the production of several video clips.



In 2010, I attended some courses in the "Drum Department” drum school in Stuttgart, Germany, headed by Stefan Schuetz. Under Stefan’s supervision, I became familiar with a new method for teaching the drums and brought that method to Iran. In the same drum school, I also learned the "Moeller method” with my instructor Daniel Messina, which led to an enormous transformation in my playing and teaching of the drums. Among other drum instructors I am proud to have been trained by Achim Schweikert, Christoph Kramer, Fabian Huesgen, Andreas Beuge, Florian Winkelmann, and Patrick Fiedler...

I am currently one of the few drum instructors who teach the Moeller method in its original form in Iran.



In the recent years, I have produced two educational drumming films in Persian. The first film is intended to aid beginners while the second one is designed to provide innovative ideas, especially to advanced drummers. These two films, named ‘Warm-Up Exercises for Drum Set’ and ‘Drum Assembly and Setup’ which have been marketed with the sponsorship of the Iranian company "Sorna,” have been designed and performed in by myself in Persian and reflect the essence of my learnings and experiences throughout the years.



In 2012, Ienjoyed a new experience in performing for the musical "Ghahtiye Noor” ("Famine of Light”) directed by Amin Hayayi in Tehran’s "Vahdat Hall” operahouse, that is, performing as part of the musical ensemble playing in complete harmony and synchronization with the actors’ intricate and balanced motions and the lighting on the stage. Among my other activities was my role as Band Coach in the first term of "Band Playing” courses at "Rangin Kaman Institute.”



In 2013, after I personally carried out a workshop for introducing the Moeller technique,I invited the internationally renowned drummer and instructor Claus Hessler to Iran and managed to successfully organize the first specialized drumming workshop/master class in Iran.

In the same year,I founded "IranianDrummer”,an association for all drummers in Iran, with the help of other Iranian drum instructors. The association’s vision and endeavors are aiming at contributing to the promotion of the technical level of music in Iran through organizing annual meetings and play-along festivals and through inviting internationally recognized drum and percussion instructors to its programs and events.



Currently, besides drumming in the pop band "Arian” and collaborating with the rock band "Kook” led by Pedram Marandiz, I work as a private drum instructor at "Sorna Institute” and "Rangin Kaman Institute” and make continuous efforts towards conveying the joy of the drums to the new generation.I also organize specialized music workshops and master classes through inviting international instructors to those occasions.

In June 2014 I've hosted Hakim Ludin for his 4 day-workshop in Tehran. His Master Classes in "Conacol" , "Cajon" and "Latin-percussion" was as unique as himself. It is always an honor to host such internationally renowned lecturers.

In August 2014 I've managed the very first "Band Camp" in Tehran with three Lecturers from Germany: Claus Hessler (Drums), Peter Woelpl (E-Guitar) and Stefan Hergenroeder (E-Bass) in 4 different categories " Instrumental Workshop" , "Instrumental Training" , "Studio Performance" and "Band Performance". A big pleasure to have such renowned guests. 

In September 2014 I've also hosted Stephan Maass for his Meinel-Workshop in Tehran.His Workshop for the Iranian percussionists was held in 4 categories " Percussion in Pop Music" , "Timefeel and Phrasing" , " Playing with Playback" and " Percussion from a producers point of view". It was 2 days of educational joy and lot of new ideas about the rhythmical texture in today's music.

In October 2014 the first Drum Camp in Tehran was organised by me in Sorna Hall. Shayan Fathi was invited to lead a group of 10 active an some passive drummers from all over Iran. This drum camp was the first in its kind and there were practical instructions how to improve various grooves.  

In November 2014 I've hosted Wim de Vries from the Drumbassadors for 3 days of Drum-Clinic , and also invited Ustad Hakim Ludin for doing a 4 day workshop for Latin percussion for the second time in Teheran. It was also my honor to manage a concert for the very first time for this two artists playing together a percussion only performance in Teheran. Managing 2 nights of percussion duet for Hakim ludin and Homayoun Nassiri, an iranian percussionist is another event that I've fulfilled in November 2014.  

2015 began with an educational program for harmonica. After a long term planing with Steve, finally in February 2015 I had the honor to host one of the greatest musicians of our time Mr. Steve Baker. This educational event was planed to rise the level of the harmonica players in Iran. Over 50 students from all over Iran came to Steve's Master Class supported by HOHNER company and Sorna. 3 days of educational joy, a Studio recorded track, an interview and a concert was the result of Steve Baker's visit in Tehran. 

In April 2015 after visiting "Musikmesse" in Frankfurt/Germany and meeting lots of top musicians of our time like Simon Philips, Russ Miller, Claus Hessler, Stephan Maass, Hakim Ludin, Jost Nickel, Dirk Brand, Micheal Shack, Randy Black and lot more....I've booked again over 18 hours first class lessons in "Drum Department" drum school in Stuttgart/Germany with my Drum Guru Daniel Messina and Stefan Schuetz. 

Now the very first Drum school in Tehran/Iran under my direction is imminent and I'm very proud to announce the opening with the "Third Play Along Festival of Iranian Drummer" in May 18th. 



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