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First "Band Camp" in Tehran - August 2014


First "Band Camp" in Tehran - August 2014


The very fist Band Camp in Tehran will host three internationally renowned lecturers in 4 categories : 
Instrumental Workshop - Instrumental Training - Studio Performance and Band Performance.

Each lecturer will work with Iranian talented musicians in full equipped rooms and studios four days long.

Electric Guitar lectures will be held by Mr. Peter Woelpl , a German guitarist of fusion jazz and lot more....
Electric Bass lectures will be held by Mr. Stefan Hergenroeder ,one of the "most talk about" musicians in Germany.
And Mr. Claus Hessler would travel to Tehran for the second time. He'll continue his lectures in Drums for the young talents in Iran.
This event is the first one of his kind in Iran and is supported by the iranian company "SORNA" to improve the music skills of the young musicians in Iran.
The teaching method is constructed to help any player in any level, whether young or old,whether beginner or pro.

You can see more details about where-when-what in the fallowing websites:

for Drums :
for E-Guitar and E-Bass :
Also further information in :

First "Band Camp" in Tehran - August 2014

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